Dec 2, 2009

Dwarves 3

These are certainly getting closer to what I want. I like the idea of these dwarves being run down and pretty shabby looking after getting rousted from the Lonely Mountain, and only at the end getting their awesome mithril armor and weapons and all that from Smaug's hoard.

As far as physical design goes, I'm focusing on ears and noses and downplaying the eyes, owing to the untold years living underground and mucking about in the mines. Thick but nimble hands are a no brainer, but big mouths and big fat teeth are less obvious additions.

I'd probably say the top dwarf is my favorite so far.


  1. man your style adapts to anything, you kinda need to make a compilation book already :D

  2. I love that you are designing these for children as they were originaly intended! And is always great to see more Tolkien illustrations! The bottom dwarf looks almost Russian!