Dec 9, 2009

Hobbits 3

Oooh ooh getting better. Proportions are getting smoothed out and I'm getting a better handle on the different types of Hobbit clothing. Third here is my favorite, I think. He seems Tookish. I do like the poncho-like traveling cloak, though.

In rereading the book, I'm really quite surprised at how little description of things there is. I guess all of this imagery from John Howe and Alan Lee and the LOTR films has leaked into my subconscious and I just kind of assumed it all came from the book. I know there's quite a bit in Lord of the Rings. Hmm. Can't wait to get to the goblins. I have some hilarious ideas for those guys.

Drawing is just the best.


  1. It's absolutely thrilling to follow your work and the evolution from ideas to concepts to final images... Keep it going !
    (I suppose that you may not want to be flooded with other visions, but I love Tove Jansson (author of "Moomin")'s take on "The Hobbit" - can find it via google)

  2. I definitely agree with the travel-poncho.

  3. Thanks!

    Brou - Tove Jansson's version is amazing. It's what I look at when I need to remember not to be burdened by the absolute specifics of the text. Really lovely stuff.

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  5. These are super, I second Jordie on the poncho-cloak.
    Also don't forget about Tolkien's own drawings and illustrations, they look quite untolkienian compared to the Lee and Howe standard we're accustomed to.