Nov 7, 2012

Your Dreams My Nightmares

If you missed it last week, Kali and I did an old-fashioned radio interview with our friend Sam, who runs a really terrific interview series with artists and illustrators. If you've ever wanted to hear Kali or myself talk about ambition, fantasy art, or work habits, you might find it interesting. You can listen to it here, and do check out the rest of Sam's terrific series. There's lots of great insight from some of the industry's top tier and also us.


Additionally, if you ordered a copy of Treasure Chest and it hasn't arrived yet, sit tight. I still have to draw in a bunch of the books, but I'm optimistic that they'll all be in the mail in the next couple of weeks.


ALSO, I'm starting to transition fully over to tumblr, so I check that out if you want more signs of life. Social media, man.