Mar 29, 2009

Vinylmore 2 // It's a Trap!

Perhaps you are already aware of the vinyl Munny Dolls produced by Kid Robot? They look like this:

Perhaps, as well, you are already aware of Atomic Pop/Books, Baltimore's most prominent seller of indie comics, toys, and generally alternative swag? Is it too much to ask that you are then aware of their custom vinyl show called Vinylmore? This is the poster for the sophomore event:

Yes, instead of doing the piles of schoolwork that have built up over the last couple of weeks, I spent my time sculpting and painting a Munny for this show, opening this upcoming Friday. If you go, you will see my creation. If you stay here, you will see my creation.

"It's a Trap!"* , Mini-Munny doll, Sculpy, epoxy, acrylic, etc.

Here is what the blank doll looked like at the final sculpt, without any paint or sealant. The green stuff is a modeling epoxy.

I didn't really have much of a plan when I started, but it was a lot of fun to just improvise as I went, adding things up. I sprayed it with a plastic primer before I painted, and then coated it at the end with both a matte and a glossy varnish to get a semi-gloss look. I hand painted glossy varnish over his eyes and teeth, and added opalescent paint to his fish.

In the end, I wish it were a bit cleaner, but I think it turned out fairly nice, all things considered.

Don't forget to check out and let me know what you think!

*Obviously, "It's a Trap!" is a Star Wars reference. One of the working names was "Ackbar's Bane," which is both a Star Wars and a Lord of the Rings reference.**

**I have a girlfriend.***

***She was the one who came up with the idea to use opalescent paint.

Mar 25, 2009

There have been changes // We are going live

You may have noticed things have been a little dead around here. You may have also noticed the formatting changes that I've made. There is one good reason for all of this. is live. It has been taking up most of my spare time (which is very rare indeed) and I finally have the basic version of it up on the internet. I still have some stuff to edit (mostly the links page and a few images here and there) but I think it looks acceptable.

My Munny will be done in the next few days. It took about a week to resculpt and I've been painting it in my spare time from my spare time.

In my spare time from that spare time, I have been continuing to work on Hamlet. This is a slow deliberate process that will hopefully lead to the way I'm going to be working from now on. Some painting, some drawing, some graphite. It's a whole melange, man.

This will hopefully be done by the end of the night and I'll post it when my Munny is all done. I have to present my website tomorrow in Seminar and have to have this Munny done by Friday(ish), in addition to the 24 pages of flats I have to do in the next ten days or so.

I'm a very busy man, man. Thanks for sticking it out.

EDIT: Oh, in all the craziness of these past few days, I totally forgot to mention: I got into Spectrum 16, along with my lovely girlfriend Kali and Jeremy, who won a Gold medal. What an honor! I'm really, really pleased to have been selected for the book. I'll update when I find out what piece I got in, as well.

Mar 18, 2009

New and revisiting

Working on things...also replaying Resident Evil 4...

Working on a bunch of projects simultaneously means updates are sparse. It's just the nature of the beast. I'll try to keep you all updated as I go.

That top piece was already done, but it now being reevaluated digitally. By that I mean I am completely redoing it. NOT UP TO MY STANDARDS.

Mar 10, 2009

I think this says it all

Hey guys, did you know I made a comic? It's in Popgun 3, a graphic mixtape published by Image.

You oughtta go buy it on April 1. Or just do this.

Finishing a painting now. I've got my midterm crit on Thursday with special guest this guy. Consider me psyched. Expect a post shortly after.

Mar 3, 2009

Poor Richard's Secret

I am from Philadelphia. I don't know if you folks knew that, but although I haven't lived there for the past four years, I still refer to myself as "from Philadelphia."

When I was younger, I took a trip to the Franklin Institute, where I found out that literally every question the docent asked our tour group could be answered with "Benjamin Franklin." I was quick to learn that this is the answer to every question about the city.

Here is a piece that is inspired loosely by The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman. There is a brief mention that Benjamin Franklin is difficult to trust because he uses a pseudonym (Poor Richard). Here are some other facts about him:

Benjamin Franklin did not actually have a time-traveling rivalry with Mark Twain. I'm not sure whether he had a kite fetish or not, but I think it's safe to say he most definitely did.

Acrylic on Rives BFK, around 15" high.

My next piece is about Hamlet.

Oh, hey. You know Jeremy, right? He's a bro of mine. He also just won a Gold Medal from Spectrum for the best unpublished piece in their 16th issue. Boy, what a champ.