Sep 19, 2012

Treasure Chest reprint

Hey guys, I'm reprinting this thing. I'm taking preorders so I can gauge how many copies I need to make -- I'll leave this up for a week or so and then get a-printin'.

Each copy will be signed and doodled in, you know the drill.

UPDATE: Ok! Thanks, everyone. I'm shutting this down so I can get printing. May open it up later if there's interest.

Sep 18, 2012

Treasure Chest Interiors

Trail Rations:  SOLD

Wineskin: SOLD

Gold coins: SOLD

Potion of Clarity: SOLD

Crab Claw: SOLD

Copper Sword: SOLD

Canopic Jar: SOLD

Judgemental Skull: SOLD

Flamberge: SOLD

Iron Greatsword: SOLD

Dwarven Brand: SOLD

Necromancer's Robe: SOLD

Mage's Hat: SOLD

Bezoar: SOLD

Ham Hock: SOLD

Hornet Mace: SOLD

Swordbreaker: SOLD

Sea-Lord Helm: SOLD

Mysterious Orb: SOLD

Turtle Shield: SOLD

Terrible Candle: SOLD

Hand of Glory: SOLD

Golden Shovel: SOLD

Boots of the Wind God: SOLD

Summoner's Bell: SOLD

Strange Keys: SOLD

Archer's Cap: SOLD

Haunted Bone: SOLD

Desert Goggles: SOLD

Glowworms: SOLD

Fishing Hooks: SOLD

Gilded Leaves: SOLD

Dragoon's Sabatons: SOLD

Djinn: SOLD

Driftwood Staff: SOLD

Sage's Turban: SOLD

Orcish Scimitar: SOLD

Stone Knife: SOLD

Waystones: SOLD

Cloak of the Vampire King: SOLD

Demon Horn: SOLD

Acorn Hammer: SOLD

Abyssal Bell: SOLD

Ice Brand: SOLD

Beating Heart: SOLD

Goblin Shield: SOLD

Dwarven Bow: SOLD

Goblin Cleaver: SOLD

Draught of Ogre Strength: SOLD

Sentient Crystal: SOLD

Giant's Axe: SOLD

Cyclopean Half Helm: SOLD

Platinum Chalice: SOLD

Assassin's Cowl: SOLD

Arrows: SOLD

Berserker's Shoes: SOLD

Jeweled Scarab: SOLD

Everburning Torch: SOLD

Bomb: SOLD

Ancient Tome: SOLD

Bag of Seeds: SOLD

Chitinous Cuirass: SOLD

Cursed Ring: SOLD

Thunder-Lizard Skull: SOLD

Gloves of the Master Thief: SOLD

Climber's Kit: SOLD

Albatross Bow: SOLD

Spiked Gauntlets: SOLD

Sneakers: SOLD

Sealed Scroll: SOLD

Sahauagin Totem: SOLD

All drawings are done in sumi-e ink and pencil. The originals are all 4.5x6" and don't have the text, which was added digitally for the book.

Sep 17, 2012

Treasure Chest is for sale!

OK! SPX is officially over and I have a few Treasure Chest zines available. Each book will be signed and doodled in. Prices after shipping are $8 US and $10 international. Original ink-drawn interior pages will go up later in the week, and I'll ship everything out next week, so if you want a book and an original, I'll bundle them together when I send them out.
US/International US Shipping $8.00 USD International $10.00 USD 


Thanks, everyone!

Sep 12, 2012


I’ll be selling this stuff (along with prints and stuff) at tables G8/G9 with Kali Ciesemier, Andrea Kalfas, and Jimmy Giegerich this weekend at SPX in Bethesda, MD. Come stop by?

Are you going to SPX? Great. 
Additionally, are you an adventurer? Terrific. 
Treasure Chest is a 24-page black-and-white zine with a sparkly gold screenprinted cover. Inside are all the items and equipment YOU, brave adventurer, have earned by braving the wilds and ruins of the world. Each book contains different loot, so there’s no telling what you’ll end up with.
You can grab one of the books for $5, and you can grab one of the original ink-drawn interior pages for a cool $20. Sound good?

I’ve got a bunch of books to sell at the show, and if there’s any left over, I’ll put them up online.