Dec 15, 2009

Wizards 2

Hmm. Slight variations on a single idea. Not much to say about this batch, just grinding away.

You guys are going to die when you hear who all are involved in this project. It's not just me doing The Hobbit. Should be around fifteen people involved. You'll hear about it in a couple of weeks, it's going to be ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

Thank you for your beautiful comments. They hit my ears like the sweet music of the spheres.


  1. The first one's eyebrows are CRAZY. I'd say the second it very gandalfy, though.

  2. great stuff lately sam :) i like the third one -might be the gentle upward curve of his eyebrows, but he seems very dignified to me.

  3. do I hear a vote for meg hunt? what what?

  4. I like the second one. Again, the eyebrows are amazing. What if they were to move around? In movies, cloaks and such get blown about by imaginary wind when magic is cast. Who says eyebrows don't?