Dec 31, 2009

Trolls 3

Removed the "shirt" part of the dhoti, since I couldn't figure out how to fasten it. I might try that again tomorrow, but I sort of like them in these little things. They're also getting filthier and stupider and more craggy as I go.

Trolls are simple creatures. They come down from the mountains to kill and steal livestock from human encampments. Sometimes they kill and steal the humans. They don't make anything or do anything beneficial to the world. They kill and steal and break and complain all night and curl up in caves at dawn. They live in caves and under bridges and beneath the roots of great old trees. Sunlight turns them to stone.

Their voices are deep and gravelly and their words are always slurred. They are more simple than they are stupid, and lack much manual dexterity. Troll hands are more suited to digging and punching than they are to operating tools. Their elephantine skin deflects most blades and arrows handily, though they are vulnerable in the eyes, throat, groin, and underarm.


  1. On first glance, I tended to like the right one more, though now I think that the left is heading in the direction you want to go more. His face is a little more what I imagined the trolls to be like—the right guy's face might be too human looking? The guy on the right might also be too buff in the chest. It was a good call on the dhoti, I like it without the top part.

    This just came to mind and you are under no obligation to try it... but what about some chest/nipple hair? It might make them seem a little more repulsive... haha

    Also, I like the refresh on the blog design!