Dec 29, 2009

Trolls 1

Couldn't find my sketchbook yesterday, so I'll have a post on Saturday to make up for it.

Trolls. Hmm. Well, if you've read The Hobbit, you'll know the three trolls are a lot different than that cool cave troll in the first LOTR movie. For starters, these guys can speak and count and have Christian names all. Also, Bilbo originally mistakes them for huge men. Could you mistake that cave troll for a guy? Probably not.

So, I'm working with sort of an Oni motif with the trolls, giving them somewhat wolfish features and kabuki mullets and Hellboy/lion tails. At least for now, obviously. They are definitely more human than what P. Jackson showed us. We'll see where they go as the week goes on. I haven't really thought much about their clothing yet, so that'll get refined later on. They aren't exactly smart, but they're sentient and cruel.

I'm still considering adding some stone or rock elements to them, though that's a huge design shift. It's mentioned that they're originally made of stone, which is why they return to that state under sunlight. Maybe it's just giving them a little more of a blocky or carved look to their features and a textural treatment.

Ho hum.