Dec 7, 2009

Hobbits 1

It's definitely taking me quite a lot longer to wrap my head around what I want these hobbits to be. Lucky for me that there's only one main hobbit in the story as opposed to the dozen dwarves.

I have a feeling these guys are going to require a lot more effort before they get anywhere good. I'd say 95% of these pages are straight lousy. The only thing I do like are the knickers that go into the footless socks.

Hobbits, I think, are a lot harder to design than the dwarves are, mostly because there isn't a lot of wiggle room to break free from the Peter Jackson depictions unless you really ignore parts of the text. Although I don't always love the design of those films, I can't argue that Jackson's hobbits probably look exactly as Tolkien imagined them.

Maybe in the future I should number these so I can make reference to them more easily.


  1. in the top image the guy on top right works well. some of the others the heads dont seem to sit on those bodies, with that guy the head sits nicely on the shoulders. although not proportionate ( obviously on purpose) it still looks believable. i like him as well as the guy in the second image top row 2nd to the right. as well as the body shape of bottom row second to the left. . just in case you wanted some input haha

  2. I think this guy looks like a Goron.
    I dig the shinsocks and the cloak on top-bottom-left.

  3. I would like to see a bro hobbit. I think that would be pretty rad.

  4. I think the top four are your best, I would describe them as grown up children, in that they have the proportions of a child but the features of adults, very hobbitish