Dec 11, 2009

Hobbits 5

The last batch of hobbits. Definitely not as many winners as with the dwarves, but again, it's not so important. There's only one! It's not called The Hobbits.

I had planned on doing Goblins next week, but I think designing Gandalf is probably more important, so...I might have to do that first. Man, what a life. I have to draw wizards all week. FML, right?


  1. I really love their little suit jackets and can't wait to see the color pallet you picked out for them in use.

    That first hobbit has a very engaging face!

    Also, wooooo Gandalf!!

  2. These really make me want some hobbit pants. The first one is a winner for sure.

  3. hei!
    just wanted to say that you inspired me to read the book again. I bought the silliest (and cheapest version) I could find and I will post a bigger picture of the awesome cover later.