Dec 16, 2009

Wizards 3

I had intended to start with Gandalf's costuming today, but I was hit with a slew of work that took up most of my day, and I couldn't devote the required time to it. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow.

So instead, I played around with face shapes a bit. Nothing groundbreaking, but just the act of drawing him over and over is giving me more of an idea of what sort of things I can do that make the face more or less "Gandalfy." Gandalf is a strange balance of genial old man (which he is) and ancient and fierce demigod (which he also is). There's a tempestuousness to him that is a constant challenge to corner.


  1. Yo, I loooove #4 on this one. He's a touch more mysterious than all the others, and I love how long he is. YES.

  2. You inspire us all to draw old magical dudes all day! 1-3 are really neat, individual greatness is occurring in each one--I can't think of how you'll decide on one final.