Jan 19, 2010

Stone Giants 1

Wow. So, there's an 85%+ chance that the stone giants won't show up in any of the finals for this project, seeing as they're mentioned once? Twice? Tiny little thing. So I'm not really concerned about getting a great design out of them. That said, I like some of these, but they don't belong in this world yet. There's too much robot and too much Nausicaa and maybe too much or not enough kaiju. We'll see how they develop as the week goes on.

There is absolutely no design guideline for the stone giants in the text. They're described as being off in the distance during a thunderstorm, throwing rocks around. There's a temptation to just make them giant people just doing their thing, but I don't think that adds anything to the world creatively. They'd be just like trolls then, but bigger. That's boring. I'm bored now! I need to hook into something that expands the mythology.

Who knows, though? Maybe I find something I need to put into the finals.


  1. I always thought of the stone giants as childish, sort of playing with the rocks.
    That being said, I love the elbow spikes and the head-towers.

  2. as usual these look great, but instantly upon looking at the drawings I thought about that stupid goofy FOX show that came out to sorta throw Power Rangers off back in the day. Big Bad Beatleborgs! AHHH


  3. Maybe, if they hang around in thunderstorms, it's not such a good idea to give them lightning rods on their heads.

    They look good though, but you are right, they don't belong to middle-earth yet. I think they look too mechanical and abstracted maybe.
    But they have something appealingly goofy about them though.

  4. I like them! the mechanical thing looks great!