Jan 13, 2010

Elves 3

Not a lot of time to sketch today, so not a lot of really wild experimentation. I'm sort of narrowing down by feel how I want these elves to come together, so the drawings are getting easier and easier. I'm really leaning towards leaving the elves rather traditional, as some of the upcoming things are going to be sort of weird (goblins, eagles, spiders), and there ought to be a few things to ground the nonsense a bit.

Tomorrow is pretty packed for me, so hold tight if I'm a little late with the posting.

I'll be able to talk about this project in early February.


  1. These are beautiful! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. im holding tight, im holding tight!

    them elf gals sure are purdy

  3. I really liked the Hobbit (couldn't get into the trilogy) but I could never like the elves much---all the representations I see of them are too perfect and pretentious. These drawings actually make me like elves more; they're graceful but kind of au-naturel.

  4. mmm these are starting to get somewhere. i'm liking the first sheet, top right a bit