Jan 26, 2010

Is Indie Dead?

Late last month I had the pleasure of working with Josh Baker over at Paste Magazine on a feature article about the death of indie music. I won't get into it here, because the article is an interesting read on its own, but the gist of it is that, like "punk" and "alternative" before it, the moniker of "indie" no longer means what it used to.

Josh asked for some spots poking fun at some of the inconsistencies of "indie" culture as it has come to be known. He asked for work reminiscent of what I've been working on in my sketchbook over the last few months, which of course I was thrilled to do.

The Miracle Whip spot is of course referencing this.

And of course take some time to read the article and see the pieces in context over on Paste's Website.


  1. These are awesome. And miracle whip is so indie.

  2. These are great, Sam. That Miracle Whip thing is unbelievable - I'd never seen it. Really does feel like a nail in the indie coffin.

  3. Haha these are great, love the guy rock'n out on the uke

  4. Great stuff man. I love all those elf drawings down there!

  5. Blerg, I hate Miracle Whip. But I love your sad indie kids.