Jan 17, 2010

Elves 4

These are some of my most successful elf pages so far, I think, even if the drawings aren't the best I've done. I don't know, there was something that happened while I was drawing these that sort of cleared things up for me. Tomorrow's elves ought to be better. I should've known that I would like shorter ears on elves, owing to my preference for Batman's cowl.

I got some great ideas (probably) about eagles and goblins today, too.

I could've sword Goblins were next week, but I keep forgetting the stone giants. The giants exist in one scene with very brief mention, but it's one of the more fantastic passages and really makes you realize that the Hobbit is a totally different beast than LOTR. Tolkien wrote it with a lot less realism in mind and the charmingly colloquial tone makes it so much easier to breeze through. LOTR is surely the greater literary achievement, but I have to say that I prefer my choice.

Although on some days I wish I had chosen one of Howard's Conan stories for this project...


  1. Man! I just LOVE your style! I love the character you're giving these elves! Just great!

  2. I wish I agonized over these problems. Seriously good style, you make me want to reinvent my own high fantasy.