Mar 31, 2010

What's in a Name?

Once again, John Sandford at Carus Publishing gave me the opportunity to draw some weird stuff for Muse Magazine. This cover and following spots accompanied an article about the effect names have on our development. Unusual names tend to be more of a burden than a blessing, and people with names closer to the front of the alphabet typically have a natural advantage in the world. It was surely an interesting article.

The cover is meant to invite the reader to give these characters their own names based on their physical appearance.

Sometimes people with job-specific names pop up. These baseball players are very specialized.
The attractiveness or ugliness of a name is a factor in personal and professional success.
People whose initials spell out ominous things often have issues. A weighty name typically leads to trouble.


  1. ok, so i wasn't following when you were mentioning all those names. now i see what's been going on. this is awesome man, i'd love to see the actual magazine

  2. nice illos,
    also good post about the process on the last hobbit piece.

  3. Great stuff, I love the barber shop illo!

  4. Amazing pieces. Glad I found your blog!