Apr 2, 2010

Dolor #4

A few months ago Michael Meier and the nice folks over at Rotopol Press in Germany (for whom I previously did this piece) asked me to do the cover for their upcoming mini-comic anthology Dolor. Being a fan of what they do and working for nice people, I obviously agreed and produced this thing. For some reason I was really thinking about Hands of Glory and figured now was the time. I wanted to challenge myself to do the title type as well, since text is something I with which I am very unaccomplished. I think it turned out fine.

My original plan was to remove the thumb and have the four fingers signify that this was the fourth volume of Dolor, but then this would've just been the Left 4 Dead cover, wouldn't it?

Here it is with text, which they nailed:

ADDITIONALLY: Thank you for the emails regarding spare postcards. I have addressed one to everyone who messaged me and I'm on the way to the post right now. MICA Illustration students, I still haven't put these in the office, but I'll put something on twitter when they're there. Get off my case.


  1. Awesome. Love the subtle shift to full black in the gunk dripping from the wrist, and the type as well.

  2. great job on this sam! what medium is the hand done in? is that all digital? awesome design overall, definitely grabs my attention.

    and that's some solid typography

  3. This is so awesome as it is but even more awesome if you intended to make a nod towards Jim Phillips ;)
    Rad lettering!

  4. I love hands of glory, greeeat piece!

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Jeremy - It's all digital, though a lot of it is layered pencil/graphite textures and that sort of stuff. I'm way too OCD about my colors to work traditionally anymore.

  6. (edit: sorry previous post was full of spelling faults)

    Aaah Nice, I was waiting for this.

    I asked Michael who was doing the cover while I was working on one of the short stories for inside this issue, and then he said it was you. Of course I could wait to see what you wouldn't come up with.

    I really think its very fitting !!!

  7. Wow sick cover in this post and the last, man.
    Also, kudos for knowing l4d :B

    Your type looks swell to me. Do you know http://www.andrewdegraff.com/ at all? His aesthetic and type may be of interest to you.

  8. Got the postcard today! Thanks a bunch--it's a nice studio wall addition for sure

  9. Love your work mang!
    Is the texture on the white background something you scanned or built up from multiple scans and images?

  10. Thanks everybody!

    n.lombardo - The texture back there is built up from just layering textures, but I'd say the bulk of that comes from one powdered graphite drawing, with a lot of little tweaks here and there. Great work on your blog, by the way!