Apr 23, 2010

Goblins 5

Here are some terrible Goblin drawings to make your Friday more hilarious:

I took several steps back to reevaluate the Goblins, and maybe now I'm approaching something even remotely correct. The lower left drawing on the last page is where I'm at now, which is alright. I spent a couple pages up there knocking off King Mignola (who has a lovely new website), which got me somewhere, I think. Maybe not. Hmm. At least their caps are fitting better.

There is also a frustration-cthulhu up there, which is a great thing to draw when things aren't going right and you need to blow off some visual steam.

There's a part of my that wants to give the goblins a weird tapir snout, so we'll see where that goes. So far all of these design explorations have stopped at about 5 installments, but I'm going to be passing that with this one. Man. I still have to do exercises for the Great Goblin before the next piece, also. Pfffff.


  1. I really like the top one with the tusks. the last one with the black cap is nice too, the darker color round the eyes makes him more distinctive imo.
    I also have some frustration-cthulus in my sketchbooks ;)

  2. If I could make goblin drawings anything remotely like your "terrible goblin drawings" I would award myself a medal.
    Fun to watch the process. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really digging your style, definitely noticed the Mignola influence. Which I only point out as a compliment. Found your stuff through the picture book report. Keep it up, and thanks!