Mar 2, 2010

Goblins 4

Don't talk to me about the logistics of having a bear-trap attached to a shield.

Boy, saying I've been stretched for time these past two weeks would be the grossest understatement ever made. I have a ton of drawings that I've done but can't show yet, because they're part of the second final for Picturebook Report, which you'll see on March 10.

I have one more swing at the Goblins before moving onto the next design, but that probably won't come for another week or two. I'll be on vacation through early next week and Picturebook Report resumes then, so I'll have something more important to show. I might have the chance to sketch while I'm away, but don't hold me to it.

In the meantime, since Picturebook Report is on leave this week, why not spend some time perusing the current offerings?


  1. I think a Bear-Trap shield is probably the best innovation in fake-weaponry I've heard since chainsaw bayonettes.