Jan 30, 2009

Still playing GD

Spent a little more time with the font book today. Getting there, or maybe already there. Top in Bell Gothic, bottom in Univers. Adjusted the leading space, as Colin suggested. Kali and Justin lent me a little advice.


  1. You've made some really good improvements. I think the top one fits more with the personality of the other side. I think you need to go with a bolder weight for "SAM BOSMA" though; it's losing its authority being that thin. I think it'll be a-ok if you make that change.

  2. You tricked me with your non-existent webshite. I went there expecting grand things.

    This card is legible and attractive. It's less unique than your previous (type crazy) design, but it's very agreeable nonetheless.

    Sam Bosma is a really good name. Congratulations on that.