Jan 24, 2009

New business card in progress

The coelacanth is a charming fish-about-town.

I am leaning towards the bottom one, as it leaves a bit of mystery. Is he a magician? Is he a tap dancer?

All digital.


  1. i dunno. What the top one has going for it, is that its a quick, immediate read. I had to take a moment or two to figure out the other ones on account of their similar value to the BG. iunno, that's my 2 cents.

  2. the magic wand one!
    more magic is always the right answer and NEVER wrong!

  3. you've got some nice texture on there buddy. very good looking fish. visually i enjoy the color of the cane alongside the fish. it's a nice color. while the magic wand is a much more fittingly ridiculous idea. it's a toughy.

    then again when you look at the card closely the wand is not all that difficult to see. maybe a slight addition of blue to unify it a bit more. maybe. either way its a nice design.

  4. probably the best business card i've ever seen. I'd totally want the guy who gives me this card (you) to draw stuff for me.

    the cane and the wand are both valid options. i agree with Andrew about the cane's color being a good thing. What's the deal with the square grid over his body? that baffles me.

  5. regardless of which you choose (I still like the tommy gun idea), you should dress like the fish at all times. It would be so awesome to get that business card from you in a checkered suit wearing a little hat. And hopefully a moustache.

  6. Charming indeed! Nice work my friend! Very classy.

  7. I favored the last one before I read that you were leaning in that direction. This little guy is gold

  8. Hullo; I found your blog through a sketchblog that Rich Pelligrino belongs to (yay for the internet) and I really like your work. The cover for Innsmouth reminds me of Brett Helquist, in the best possible way.

    Anyhow, good luck, and continue to rock.

    (PS: Magic wand, all the way.)

  9. wonderousbeautifulyeaaahhhh work!

    i'm liking the top fish... :]