Jan 27, 2009

I am not a designer, part 2

Hello. Thank you for your comments on that last post, they have been very helpful. I am continuing to work on this potential business card, so if you've got more suggestions, throw them at me! It doesn't take long at all to edit this, so any little thing. Here is the updated version with the magic wand, which was my favorite in the first place.

I darkened the wand so it's more easily readable against the dark background, and I've changed the band on his hat to match it. It is getting closer to correct.

Also, I thought that a bowler hat would have gone nicely with a switchblade. Just checking.

I am also working on the back of the card. I am working with two versions, one that is simple and one that is crammed with text, just like this blog. Here is the latter. I am working on positioning the necessary text in an interesting way. I don't think I have it right yet. I am still trying.
And the former.

As you can see, I list www.sbosma.com. This has been registered, and is being considered. Thank you for your time.


  1. Sam, don't pick the one with all the text. There's too much going on, and as a graphic designer, I see a lot of mistakes. The second one has less going on and is more about the information, which I like. I would increase the space between the lines to give room for the descenders and ascenders of the letters. You could probably get away with making the type smaller too, because I think you might find that when you print these out, the font might look too big and awkward for the size of the card.

    In regards to your fishy's weapon of choice... I personally like the one with the tommy gun. A business card printer like Moo (http://www.moo.com highly recommended, though sadly pretty pricy) gives you the option of uploading several different options for the front image, so you can print like 50 of the guy with the knife, 50 with the tommy gun, 50 with the magic wand, etc. They also help you lay out the back, or you can upload a single image with your info already laid out.

    Well, good luck! Let me know if you want my eyes on something before you send it to print or something.

  2. Magic wand, FTW.

    And the simpler one is better, type-wise. But please switch your typeface. Looks like Myriad, which is a default font and screams "I don't know what I'm doing with type."