Jan 15, 2009

The Shadow Over Innsmouth - part seven of eight

Bros, bros, bros.

How are you? I hope you are well. I am well, and so I wish the same for you. I am living every week like it's Shark Week.

Getting close to the end, here. Yep. These are the last two aside from the cover and it's colored, +text version, and they may be my favorites. One definitely is, and the other I am simply partial to. Perhaps it is also good? YOU DECIDE.

A simple image, to be sure. However, I think that I struck the appropriate mood for the scene, and so it pleases me. This was a lot of fun to do, because it was almost entirely tonal with very little actual detail to it, so I could do some more "painting" than I do in the more elaborate compositions. I say "painting," because I apply the graphite with a paintbrush. My original thumbnail for this had Devil's Reef in the background, but I took that out because it made the lighting I wanted a little strange. I think this works better. Nothing like a nice horizon line. This isn't really from any particular part of the story, but, like the one with the little houses, is more of a general interpretation of the story.

And the next.

Here is Obed Marsh convening with the Deep Ones. From the thumbnail, I knew this was going to be the best one, and I think that is because it hits a good level of both atmosphere and detail. Ah, ah, I am pleased with this one. I don't have all that much to say about it. Maybe you do? ONLY YOU KNOW.

Did you guys go to James Jean's opening in NYC? I did. Man was it crowded! I wanted to cry a little bit, but not from the crowd. From the paintings, the paintings. Man. That dude. Man.

I have a rather tentative hold over Thesis and Illustrated Book next semester. I may be doing some normal stuff, but with a little twist. I already want to start working on Illustrated Book.

I hope this New Year is turning out as well as you had hoped.


  1. I am going to NY next weekend, I am hopeful about visiting the gallery! (except without all the crowding, I don't like those, you know) Good to know its gonna be a worthwhile experience.

    See you soon!

  2. Yo I saw the mad pix of the jean show on drawn or something and it made be all like "I want to go to there" but I don't know if that's going to play out. Senior Project and what not.

    I know that you are, but I will still tell you that I hope you are living it to the largest extent.

  3. if i never see fish people under water again in any other way, i can die a happy man.

  4. I went to the James Jean show. I even got to talk to him o.o.

    So, might as well take the time to introduce myself. That's cool that you'll be taking illustrated book this semester, so will I. Someone in my character development class said I should steal your palette, so I checked out your blog and you def. have my attention.

    By the way, Jordan is my boyfriend, the one with the gmail account. I'm Celine.


  5. Wait a minute, you mean the series for The Shadow Over Innsmouth isn't something that's being published? Why not?? Is there anywhere I could obtain a hard copy of the novella with your illustrations, or was that never part of your plan?