Aug 3, 2010

Some more pokemon

I must apologize for the recent lapse in posting. I've been working on some things that don't have pictures yet. I'll continue to try and show some nonsense until I can post some more substance.

I guess I remember some Pokemon better than others. I was on a Poison-type kick today.


  1. Are these for fun or for a project?

    Gengar is great!

  2. Dude, I also find myself doodling pokemon, even when I haven't played a game in years. What is it about the tiny things??

    It's really cool to see your illustrative eye tackle pokemon. I've seen them in all kinds of renderings but you can still give them a new twist!

  3. i didn't realize magnemite was a poison pokemon

  4. Thanks guys (except Mike). These are just for fun and because I looove Pokemon.

    Mike, you're a Dick-type.

  5. Omanyte isn't a poison pokemon either.

    My name is Mike too so I guess I am dick-type as well. :*(

  6. Did you know, Gengar is the lowest on the tier list?

    Poor Gengar...