Jul 26, 2010

Transferring Risk

This is a small drawing I did for this month's issue of Plansponsor Europe (you can read the magazine on line here), art directed by Soojin Buzelli. The article was about transferring risk.

Plansponsor is chock full of world-class illustrators putting out amazing work every month, and it's a publication I've wanted to work for since I first started a client list. Soojin is really open to different styles and different interpretations of the rather dry material, which always leads to interesting illustration. A lot of my favorite work from my favorite illustrators can be traced back to Soojin.

This is also the second time you can find my illustration in a magazine and then flip a few pages to find one by Jillian Tamaki, so that's awesome. The first was last December's New Yorker.

Some thumbnail sketches:

The best three sketches:

A mockup after the sketch was chosen.


  1. Really nice piece Sam! I like the "Spirited Away"/business vibe of the narrative.

  2. Very interesting to see next your hobbit pieces. Again, great, great color choices. I really need a drawing of yours (and Kali's) in my apartment. Trade?

  3. YESSs this is good.
    Love the colors and the composition/mayhem!