Aug 6, 2010

More dead guys

Getting better...

My work already has a pretty heavy Mignola influence, that's pretty easy to see. I'm a huge fan of his work and besides that we have a lot of the same influences (Frazetta, Wyeth, etc. Shape-based illustrators and painters), so when I'm drawing things that dip into his familiar territory (i.e. SKULLS), it's hard not to draw the parallel. It just means that I need to tap into some other vein. These are starting to drift in a good direction, though I'm sure I'll never be rid of that looming shadow. I'm not sure I'd want to be.


  1. Mike Clayton and I gazed at N.C. Wyeth's, "The Giant" for about forty minutes. These dead guys look a lot like your sketches of gollum. I like the resemblance.

  2. Having a little Mignola in your blood is a great thing. Specifically because your work just has a subtle hint of it, doesn't scream I-only-know-how-to-make-mignola-rip-offs like some artists try to make their living on.

    Keep it going

  3. Awesome. That's why I like your stuff man, you have classy influences. Wyeth and Mignola are my favorites. Wyeth is my color idol, and Mignola is my contrast idol.

    Just want to say I've really been enjoying the progression of your work, especially in the recent hobbit drawings. The stylization and your palettes always inspire me to work harder. Keep up the sweet work dude!