Aug 18, 2010


Kali and I were listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks a few weeks ago while we were working. They're pretty good to work to. Don't really care for the films much, I have to say. They made a lot of bad decisions during the production phase of all those movies. Pretty fun books, though.

I thought it would be pretty cool if Voldemort had flaky skin like snakes get when they're about to shed. Remember when he was that little talking fetus? And then later he was that gross, raw fetus guy under the bench in heaven? That was some weird stuff.

The "Half Way" on the bottom was a little note to myself that these pages mean I officially passed the half-way point of this sketchbook. I started this one in June, so I feel pretty good that I'm cruising through. This is a really terrific sketchbook that Mel Chao and Mark Grambau of To Boldly Fold sent me, and if anyone's looking for an amazing looking sketchbook filled with Rives BFK, go to Mel's store and pick one up.


  1. Man these are fantastic! after you finish the Hobbit, if you do the same thing for Harry Potter.. world hunger could cease to be or some other dramatic thing

  2. I really enjoy your work. It has a great balance of strength and whimsy.

  3. I do that too, Stephen Fry's voice is so soothing. Just finished 2nd book last night.