Nov 16, 2009

Sub Rosa

My submission for the Secret Service group show held by Rotopol Press next week in Germany. Here's the lovely poster by Michael Meier.

If you happen to be in Germany while it's up, definitely check it out. Some of my buddies will have work in there as well (like Jeremy and Dustin), so you know it'll be good.

Also, I got my copy of Spectrum 16 the other day. It looks awesome! As always, the quality of talent on display is higher than you could possibly imagine. I don't know how I snuck in. Flipping through the book is ultimately humbling.


  1. Well you know this probably looks incredible but I really have to give you extra congratulations on those buildings. The way you just took on the entire atmosphere is fantastic.

    Lovely piece again, Sam.
    I hope it's a great show, the artist-list is awesome.

  2. wowza! that is gorgeous. colors are super clean and i like the balance between realism and the stylization of the characters.

  3. this has an incredibly beautiful mood.

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  5. Hi Sam!! I like this one I love how you did the house, amazing work as usual.

  6. This is a great idea, congrats.

    Love your work.


  7. One of my favorites you've done.

  8. Sam, this is great, I love the rose, the colours, the compo.

    Great stuff

  9. I love this piece! Agh, Bosma does it again.

    Allan Comport brought in Spectrum this week to show you and Jeremy off to us lowly underclassmen. Awesome work!