Nov 30, 2009

Dwarves 1

I'm considering doing a bunch of illustrations for The Hobbit as a long term project next year, so here are a bunch of exploratory dwarves. None of these are what I want, so expect a bunch more as the week progresses. As I'm working out the designs, I'm also working out why I want to do this and how I can rationalize putting even more Tolkien illustrations into an already flooded marketplace.

Starting point: The Hobbit was originally marketed to children 5-7.

The little drawing of the Lonely Mountain is the best thing in here for sure.

Fun fact: I remember 90% of the dwarves' poem (some of which is written here) and all of their names by heart.


    they look mean and tough and not cuddly like dwarfs are mostly drawn.
    these guys actually could do mean things!
    impressive sir sam!

  2. Page 2 really rocks my world. I don't think you need to rationalize, just totally do it.

  3. Hey Sam, your sister was my Spanish teacher last year, she told me about you when she saw this picture in my locker: