Nov 2, 2009

Drawings from this weekend

I did a lot of drawing this weekend, trying to flesh out a couple of ideas for an upcoming show (more about that later) before finally settling on something.

I'm getting more comfortable with drawing directly into photoshop in the sketch phase. It's something I find really helpful when drawing more intensive environments by hand, as I'm able to draw my figures roughly digitally and move them around more easily.

The top drawing is a set of environments as I went back and forth between ideas. The second is my first run once I hit on my concept, while the third is what I'm going with. These are all about trading card size.

I'm trying to get better at drawing complex environments. One of the ways I'm trying to get better is to not care too much about perspective.

Here's a scary monster:

Here's the first trial run of coloring one of those ink drawings digitally. Some success, some failure. Something to play with in the future.

I think Marvel Monday will be back next week.


  1. Those environments look great. Seems like something about a party...? that ink coloring is great btw - i think the color may be just a little dark value-wise - it seems to be fighting the ink just a little bit.

  2. you look snazzy. The top left sketch is so rad, but for some reason reminds me of Brick.

  3. Beautiful work my friend! Those sketches are awesome!

  4. Dude these are awesome. Did you color your washes with flats?

  5. oh man!! I'm loving these already. The last of your sketches is almost good enough to be finished. That's a very inspiring method

  6. Saw your stuff through Ohger app. Great Stuff man im a big fan now!!

  7. that last one looks like egon schiele with a little less starvation. ha! very nice!