Apr 13, 2009

State of the Union

Hey dudes, I figured I'd let you folks in on what's been going down around here. I'm working hard on things that will eventually, eventually be finished. In all likelihood these things will be done by the time I graduate next month. If not, I am in some trouble.

Here is the updated Hamlet. Lots of stuff was tweaked based on the suggests you beautiful, talented, incredibly creative people suggested.

Next is just a quick heads up that in addition to getting me on Drawn! and itself appearing on the cover of Boston's Weekly Dig, this charming simian will be gracing Spectrum 16 whenever it decides to come out.

Remember that this started as a throwaway piece for a gallery show that I finished just after getting back from a stint in the ICU. I only did it because I didn't like my first painting, and I did hardly any prep work. You never know what's going to turn out well. I'm a little bummed none of my Innsmouth work made it in, but hey, something did.

This next thing is a little reminder that Popgun Volume 3 is now available from your local places. Book places. Just get it from Amazon or something? The quality is startlingly high, especially for a comics anthology that nearly breaches five hundred pages.

This is the first/title page of the 12 page comic I did for the book. Ever wonder why I didn't post anything from my first semester Senior Thesis? Well, this was it. It printed really well. I was worried for a second, but no! That Mark Andrew Smith sure can edit the hell out of some comics. Man.

The narrative in mine is ambiguous and a little wobbly. Most of it was crafted while I was in the ICU during that whole debacle last September, so forgive, forgive.

I'll probably put the whole thing up sometime, but maybe you should just go buy the book or something. Or maybe I'll put up all of the pages, just not in order, right? Yeah. That would really show you. Fix your wagon good.

I just bought my first round of leave-behind postcards featuring that monkey and this. I hope they turn out well. When they come, maybe I'll see if anyone wants one. You'd have to email me your address or something. Dangerous. These are dangerous times.


  1. Hi. Dropping by because I think your work is awesome. I bought that white monkey piece from you at art market and it's hanging nicely on my wall.

  2. The white monkey piece is just great, Sam. I keep coming back to it.