Apr 8, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk // updates

Some progress from my Jack and the Beanstalk project for Allan Comport's Illustrated Book Class. These are all in various stages, but are more or less just updated sketches. They all have at least one, maybe two versions of the drawing left to go before color gets applied digitally.

Cover comp and updated drawing.

The swarthy butcher plans on cheating jack out of his goat friend.

Jack, halfway up the beanstalk, stops for a sandwich.

The giant's wife shows some hospitality. Got a ways to go on this one.
The giant is less generous with his golden birds.

As you might notice, a few characters got some redesigns. It'll probably drift further from the original designs as I keep drawing.


  1. Beautiful work Sam!!! Great designs and compositions my friend!

  2. This is coming along great, man. I want to read it. And I guess I kind of want a sandwich.

  3. Jack stopping on a branch is by far my favorite. I'm really excited for the color on that one. I really hope you make it very pleasing, ok?

    Something is really bothering me about the one with the giant's wide though. Maybe its the almost level camera angle? I just feel like it might need something.

    otherwise, super cool!

  4. jack chowing down is is great, and there's a fishface in that one as well. i agree with kate though the composition is lacking a little depth compared to your others. You could try a composition from slightly above level, that might be a nice change, i think immediately of some of those really interesting spots you did for innsmouth. then again by the time you draw in more detail it might develop the sense of space that others seem to be working towards. whatever i don't even care.

    also your color choice is kewl for your mock cover

  5. I love the eerie feeling of the first cover. The more simple and graphic lines make it a powerful landscape, versus the curvy / leafy trees. This is great work!

  6. Dude these are all pretty awesome and dig the color choices.

  7. Love the shapes and compositions in these, Sam!

  8. That 2nd environment is great man. Very nice scale