Apr 1, 2009

Prince Hamlet

Ok, I think this is done.
I've been tweaking away at this for the last couple of weeks here and there, trying to make small changes.

I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on it, largely because building my website and finishing that Munny took top priority, and I've had a ton of work to do outside of school. In reality, this version came together rather quickly and then, well, there was a lot of tweaking.

This is Prince Hamlet, by the way. More or less, right?

The original version of this was an acrylic painting, but it didn't work as well as I wanted it to. I tend not to give up on pieces dealing with a subject I have a profound interest in, and I've been known to redo a piece or two in my day. This is a combination of the original acrylic painting, pencil, powdered graphite, and Photoshop. At the end of the day I am pretty happy with how this turned out and the process involved. I've got a few more projects coming down the pipeline that will be treated in the same way.

As always, your comments are lovely. The way you write...it's...how do you say? Beautiful.

It was recently brought to my attention that my website did not display properly on lower-resoluton monitors. This has been fixed. Such is the issue with html coding on a 24" imac. Please take the time for a short celebration on my behalf.

ADDENDUM 2: I uploaded a second version of the piece where the design on the shirt is kicked back, becoming less of a focus. Let me know which you prefer. The contrast on the second one is a little different as well, but that's mostly to account for blogger washing out jpegs.


  1. I love everything except for the shirt. its a bit distracting. forced point of interest almost. but other than that I love your style and your coloring as always.

  2. Good point. I want to keep the design on there, so I'm doing some tweaking.

  3. a' like it a lot.

    don't worry. ill make some changes to the blog template to make it dissimilar to yours. for instance, ill change the banner color from blue to something else. that should do the trick.

  4. bluish design is definitely a good change, just the color helps the design separate from the bones more, it may not even need to be that dark. don't know if the belt should be the strongest contrast BUT i really like the background. ALSO congrats on Spectrum!

  5. I prefer the second one. The shirt is classier in its subtlety. Also, those pants are kickass. I agree with Annika about the belt being the initial focal point. Everyone likes white belts, but what if it were cream colored or something? I also like how pink/raw you made his elbow in #2. looks pretty painful/rad.

    Maybe i'm overstepping my critiquing bounds here, but... I think the light blue header on your blog is larger than it needs to be for the amount of content it's diplaying. As usual, Nice work, Sam.

  6. i think the real question is will YOU have anything for tomorrow, because we both know that i surely will most likely not

  7. I think its a very strong piece. I especially like the composition with the heavy dark clouds weighing down from the top. i wish the yellow pencil lines in the clouds were a bit more deliberate. they seem to contrast and over power the delicateness of the line work elsewhere in the piece. great color too

  8. Awesome work here, glad I found your blog.

    - Kyler

  9. You popped up in a bunch of places recently, and I finally got time to check everything out here! I'm so glad I did! I'm really enjoying the second piece for less bright-shirt and brighter skin on the arm. Congrats on Spectrum as well!!!

  10. nice re-do man. I think the new version works pretty good with the greyish blue graphic. how does it compare with just the black shirt, no graphic on it?

  11. oh nvm i just saw you said you had wanted to keep the design on it. I think the new version works a lot better gg

  12. numero 2 for sure! maybe bring up the value of the design just a touch, and the contrast of the whole piece a tiny bit too....

    new pieces are looking great man!