Apr 26, 2009

Color Test 2

The butcher hears something he likes.

The giant's wife is quite hospitable indeed.

v.2: Now with value adjustments!

I'm finishing up the first two pieces for this project (I posted the colors for those last time) while simultaneously working on these and the cover. I've got two weeks left to finish all of these (and a piece for thesis), so I'm going kind of nuts.

I'm really trying to push some unexpected colors together cohesively for these pieces, which just means tons and tons of tweaking. The top piece still has some drawing to be done, mostly in the background. The bottom piece has gone through more small changes than any of the others, and still has some to go.

As always, let me know what you think.


  1. I like the unexpected color & I think the first one is working pretty well, the second one is verging on the confusing side generally because of value more than color. In particular Jack's skin is blending into the turkey... yes life is definitely nuts, but goodluck :)

  2. that looks better, maybe it would also help if the negative space under the table were darker/more different than the giant's wife's skin.