May 9, 2008

Wrapping up the semester

So, my semester is over, which I guess officially makes me a Senior. That's pretty cool, but also terrifying. Over the summer and into next year I need to figure a few things out. The first and most important is how I want to market myself, because that then leads into what kind of work I want to do and how I want to finish pieces. Lately (as you have seen, devoted reader), I have been less excited about working in the simplified style I had been developing. I am becoming more interested in working a bit more representationally, though still keeping forms stylized. I am also trying to learn how to paint, seeing as I have no real background in the medium. I think I'm getting better.

I have two pieces that I'm going to upload to the blog, but I'm holding off on posting the other one, because I want to make sure I stay in the flow of creating new work even though I don't have assignments. However, I'm going to need a little time, and so I'm going to wait to post the second piece. Hopefully by the time I post it, I'll be underway on a new piece.

This is sort of an extension of the assignment that yielded the Minotaur piece, which people seemed to like. Same idea of using a mythological creature to symbolize a contemporary issue. This one is a golem representing the advent of artificial intelligence, and specifically the destructive potential of that intelligence. You ought to know the story of the golem. It's pretty cool stuff.

Like the Minotaur, this was done in black acrylic and then colored digitally. Unlike the Minotaur, I actually tried to render the form a bit. I'd say it's moderately successful. The original print of this has a whiter glow about the forehead, and the human arms are more naturally colored with fleshtones and such. One of the alternate versions of the coloring that I did had blue arms, because they popped better against the clay colored golem. I changed the glow to make it more blue and kept those blue arms in there. I'm pretty happy with it. It's definitely from a transitory period in my work, that's for sure. Don't expect my work to look like this in the fall.

I'm not sure what the next piece I'm going to do is. I have several rejected sketches waiting to be completed. We'll see what I can cook up.

Maybe I'll start posting stuff on this blog aside from illustrations. People do that, right? Blog? I can post about movies I saw or websites that are cool. I don't know, man. Seems a little unprofessional.

We'll see!


  1. Psst... I can help you market yourself!

  2. Hey man, big fan of your stuff. Wish i had the crazy motivation you have with a lot of projects. I'm eager to see your stuff once you graduate school. Keep it up! I like the little hint of Watchmen on this one ;x Cya!