May 21, 2008

Sketches, itinerary, new digs

Well, I'm here. Here at the new site address. I am really hoping I don't lose all of my readers and all of the people who link my blog. If you've got me linked, please change it! I'm here now.

The impetus for this change was primarily so I would have something succinct to put on a business card that I'm going to be making rather hastily for a trip Kali and I are taking near the beginning of June. Well, I guess there's no better time than now to rough out my itinerary.

May 24-28th - back home in Philly, making delicious food and watching terrible movies.
June 1st - moving into my new place, in real life this time.
June 6-9th - NYC with Kali for MOCCA. This is what I'm making the business card for.
June 18th - NYC for my Society of Illustrators interview.


Well, I got a call from my brother yesterday, who simply said that he (being the phone-receiver at the Bosma household in PA) answered a call from the Society of Illustrators, who it seems were looking for me. I applied for the 2008 Zankel Scholarship in the beginning of May and I guess they liked my work enough to bring me up there in June for an interview. I'm getting a free train ride and hotel room for the night, and maybe even a big chunk of cash to help these student loans go down easier. Ah, who am I kidding? A chunk of that money would go directly to Apple for a new computer.

Anyway, I have to get a professional-quality portfolio printed up for that, so I figured I might as well do it before MOCCA so I'd have something to show. This means not only color correcting all my work to a nice gleaming polish, but ideally kicking out another couple of pieces before SoI.

I've decided to revisit a few pieces I did last year that I'm not entirely happy with, or at least haven't gotten out of my system. Macbeth is one of those things I just haven't gotten out of my system yet, so he's getting a makeover. I have a couple other compositions, but this is pretty much a direct redo of the poster I did for Sam Weber a month or two back. I'm planning on doing a few more Shakespeare pieces in the near future. He's just a good guy, is all.

I mentioned in the original post that the Giants I did were not entirely color-corrected to my satisfaction, and I meant it. This guy's finalized, though:

I used to get really hung-up on making the color corrected files look as close to the originals as possible, but as I got older and wearier, I sort of stopped caring about that one and instead just endeavor to make the pieces look as good as possible.

I haven't gotten around to scanning that last piece that I did, and for that, I am sorry. I'm in a rather transitional period here.


  1. shakin' like a dog shitting razorblades!

  2. Congrats on the possible Zenkel award! That is some big money and honor, you could buy like 5 computers...again congrats!

  3. congrats on the soc. of il interview.

    sweet picz btw

  4. life win.

    hope the move went smooth like butta, bosma.

  5. i think that giant is my favorite piece u dones. it's gerate!!!!! The colors are really subtle and relate really well to each other. I especially enjoy the mouthwork of the giant. Anyways congrats on your interview man and good lucks on the award cuz ya deserve it, brand spankin new computzer i means.

  6. this is so nice. such beautiful creatures.