May 14, 2008

Moving house

So, in an effort to become a better professional, I've decided it's time to rename this here site. I'm not changing it from SLAM BOSMA, obviously, because that's too awesome. It's the URL I'm talking about. It's a little ponderous and a little difficult to remember if you need to type it in anywhere.

So what's easier? I suppose is pretty easy to remember. Good? Good.

I'm going to change it in about one week, so feel free to update your bookmarks folder or the links section of your site if you've got me linked. And by "feel free," I mean "please please please change it so I still get traffic from you kind people."

I'm still shooting to have a new post at the end of this week, but it's hectic. I went to the emergency room this past weekend and found out I had tonsillitis, which kind of sucks. Also, I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow, so I've had to pack and all that. What a bummer.

Don't forget! ! !


  1. it figures we both get tonsilitis this semester. When you are settled in, I want to come pick out a piece of artwork for my wall.

  2. i was considering registering just to surprise you when you went to change it. but i was too lazy. haha