Feb 27, 2008

Stuff from this week

Hey dudes. I'm posting a little earlier than I planned because I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now and I really don't feel like writing a paper right now. I could go to sleep, but that would completely remove any possibility of writing anymore of this paper tonight, and I don't want to give in like that. This way, at least I still have Word open and I can write something should it come to me. It probably won't.

So instead I'm up real late writing blog posts and drinking soda and listening to tunez. Not a bad living.

And here we go. As I mentioned last time our paths crossed (on Internet), we had to redo the Roadkill images that we did in Fantasy Art. My whole deal, apparently, was to make the composition more centralized, which I am generally opposed to. Well, I'm not really opposed to it if it really calls for it, but if someone uses the word "central" or any of its variants, I get a little uneasy. Well, whatever. Here it is.

I don't know if I like it better or not, but I do know that I can draw animal skulls in my sleep. It's always nice to add a another thing to the vault of things that I can draw in my sleep. That list also includes many types of shark, most dinosaurs, and a lot of comic book characters (more on that later). This was done in sumi ink with digital coloring, as was demanded from teacher.

But this next piece I think is better. If you follow School of Ill, you already know the deal, because this has been up there for a day or two. This was for my Fashion Class, which is full of some pretty outrageous artists. It's intimidating in the best possible way. For this assignment, we were each issued one of the most anticipated films of 2008 and we had to make a piece utilizing a main female figure who embodied some aspect of the movie in attitude or whatever.

So, I got Quantum of Solace, which is also the 22nd James Bond movie. I have a love/hate relationship with the franchise, in that I adore Casino Royale and generally dislike the previous entries (especially the more recent installments). It was something I had to deal with when making the piece, and if I were to show the process sketches leading up to this, you would notice it quite a bit more. Here's the final:

I had several other compositions that were ready to take to final on this one that I ended up tossing because they were stupid and boring. I had to find a middle ground between what I liked about the films and what I liked to draw and I think I found it. Sexy women? Check. Murdered thugs? Check. Shark tank bar? Double check.

Triple check. Check check check.

This was done with pencil and photoshop coloring. I tried ink beforehand, and it turns out I am terrible with ink. Well, it wasn't so much a revelation as it was a confirmation. I am like a drunk ox with Parkinsons. I got the shakes, man. This was also done in about 10 hours from Sunday night to Monday morning. I am an idiot. I think it turned out pretty cool.

If you're at MICA, you should check out the Fashion Illustration show we have up on the third floor of Fox. It's full of stuff that will shame your ancestors so hard. It's got a pretty dope sign, too, which plays to the fact that all illustrators are goofballs.

So! Next week there will be a bunch of things. There's a a new wardrobe for Megan Russell, who will be wearing pretty dresses and such. Then there's a thing for Fantasy Art which is an animal human hybrid of some sort. Expect a crocodile or bear or lobster to be involved, but don't be too surprised if it's not any of those things. Then there's the final for The Yellow Wallpaper assignment, which will probably be painted but it might not be painted. I love saying things and then canceling them out. I am essentially saying nothing, but maybe I'm saying everything.

See what I did there?

Oh. Superheroes! Daniel Krall (check the linkz) threw down the challenge from Project Rooftop, which is a redesign of the Ironman Armor. I'm not going to spill the beans on this one, because Danny Boy might steal my johns like a sneak-thief and I wouldn't want that. All I'm saying is to expect multiples. Take from that what you will.

Thanks for all the comments, everybody. Especially those of you who only know me on a cursory level, but also especially those of you who know me personally. What I'm trying to say is thanks.


  1. I do like the composition of this new one a little better than the old one. There was some really nice detaily stuff in the other one, though...it seemed like you were more into the first one while you were drawing it. Maybe? I don't know, they both look nice.

    Incidentally, The Yellow Wallpaper is my favorite creepy short story, so I'm excited about that. I'm not looking forward to any of that other upcoming stuff, though. No sir.

  2. First of all, I'd like to note that "Quantum of Solace" is a terrible name for a James Bond movie and its tearing my heart out.

    Secondly, I love the bond piece, especially that shark tank with the water spewing out. I do have two notes. one, I think the bullet wounds on the guy to the left are two circular. There is something that bothers me about them and I think thats it. And secondly, the chick clearly needs bigger boobs, I mean you can't fight evil secret agents without a serious rack. At least I think this is true.

  3. A lightbox you say huh, i got one of those and i never actually thought of painting on it, but that will definitely help. Anyways the monkeys are a mixture of gouache and acrylics. I layer my paints by putting an initial color down first and than I keep painting over until it becomes really thick. You get a pretty cool texture in the end. I look at a lot of Rothko paintings to get ideas for colors and their relationships with other colors and I think of them being used in my work. Also some artists i look at that are cool that you should check out when ya have nothing better to do is Mary Blair, Art Lozzi, Montealgre, Bob Gentle, and Lou Romano. Lou is cool you probably heard of him because your work looks sort of influenced by his style. He worked on various cartoons like the powerpuff girls and samurai jack, also i think ratatooie. Anyways he has a blog which is louromano.blogspot.com its pretty sweet and his colors kick ass. I'll put on some more posts when things calm down and I'll see ya later man.