Feb 12, 2008

I'm making a note here


Great! You're here. I'm glad. These are some things I did recently, going back to winter break.

This first set was from Fashion Illustration where we chose a time period or scene and found clothing from modern designer lines that fit in. I chose a shark fishing boat because I am very predictable, but also very masculine. These were done in gouache on Arches watercolor paper. They're...oh, I don't know...six by eight inches. I did them all this past weekend.

Here we have a big cage with some lobsters in it, and a guy who looked like Speed Racer for a long while. I guess most of these clothes are from D&G? I can't even imagine how expensive that sweater is.

I don't really know if clothing like this would appreciate in value as it begins to smell more and more like fish. My natural instinct says no, but I don't know anything about fashion. Ah, that shark is much too big for that one guy to hoist. Those other guys are fashionable, fashionable jerks.

I think also that you would develop a little craziness from being on a boat for so long with a bunch of gross dudes, fashionable though they may be. It is for that reason that the gentleman on our left has some crazy eyes going. They are very stylishly crazy, but crazy regardless. I kind of made the chap on the right into the Green Arrow, because I am a nerd and get bored making up people if they're not silly looking.

This is a thing I also did this weekend for my Fantasy Art class. This is based on a song by the band Sea Wolf. I did this in gouache and cut paper, which takes a boatload of time. This is about 14 by 10 inches. I really like working in collage, but it just takes so much time I don't think I could do it on a regular basis.

Anyway, this guy is also for my Fantasy Art class, only I did this about two weeks ago. It's based on an Algonquin legend about the Wendigo, who is a malevolent spirit that turns you into a monster if you decide you want to be a cannibal. This is in gouache and is about 13.5 by 5.5 inches. I don't really have a lot to say about this, except that I really like the girl's expression, and that leg looks gross.

This was the first real collage I've done in my life, and I did it when I didn't have anything else to do and worked on it on and off for awhile. I made some silly decisions like trying to make every shape match up so the actual collage is as flat as possible. Things look like they overlap, but they really don't. They're all cut to fit together like a puzzle. I'm still very proud of it. It's a pretty unicorn in a pretty pink forest. Super manly. Supermanly. I think I'm submitting this to a few competitions in the next couple of days.

And last (also least) are the reinvented bathroom signs for my Illustration Concepts II class. This was a pretty straightforward project with a certain trickiness to the solution. Anyway, I decided to go with something graphic that could hopefully be read from a fair distance through silhouette alone (Brian Ralph teaches you these things) while still being interesting enough on closer inspection. Also I think that shaving words into your chest hair is hilarious.

This was a pretty good post, right? I think this was a good post to start the whole regular update thing. I'll have a piece done for the end of this week, but I might just hold it over until the following week so I'll have a two-piece update. Maybe. Maybe not. It all depends on how strong the piece ends up being.

You're not the boss of me.


  1. the shaven part of that hairy chest is disgusting Sam. its making me cringe. anyways, your collage looks pretty great. have a wonderful life

  2. I kind of want to shave "dude" into my chest now. I could bring your drawing to life!

  3. i'm a fan of "ladies" and "dudes." also, you should go check out some books of fashion photography for the fashion illustration class. The two media kind of work off of each other, and neither one has done a whole lot of changing in the last 30 years. helmut newton is a good one to look up. something like 80% of his work was banned in the US during his career. Richard Avedon is a biggie too. And of course, David LaChapelle.