Feb 24, 2008

Hey, I didn't forget.

I'm so glad. I've been having a pretty rough couple of weeks as far as work goes. I've done something crazy like nine or ten pieces over the last two and a half weeks. I would like some tea and some cookies and some videogames, please.

Anyway, this is a digital thing that I did for Fantasy Art. We had to do something stream-of-consciousy based on a short story called Roadkill, which, aside from all of the metaphors and analogies to life and death and all that, was about fish and skullz. I write Cliff's Notes in my spare time.

I'm not super pleased with the piece, specifically because I don't really like just drawing junk all over the place. Our next assignment is actually to redo the piece based on the comments in class, so that'll be up in the next post. Basically, it's a boring assignment. When am I going to get to draw some monsters again? God only knows.

This next guy is for Concepts II. We wrote down stories about our own experiences with childhood cruelties or family secrets and then picked them out of a box so we didn't know whose we were to illustrate. This is Sarah Bentley's story about the asshole son of Patch Adams and his hermit crab crushing tendencies. I think it pretty much explains itself. This is gouache and is about the same size as everything else I do (just barely too big to put in my backpack without folding, but it has a big border in real life).

I'm really happy with parts of this and unhappy with others, mostly because I was under pretty severe time constraints and had to rush it towards the end. Some parts are wicked smooth and look really awesome (the sad girl in the back, the floor, the kid with the batman band-aid) and some are just train wrecks like the main dude's shirt, which I recolored probably fifteen times. I think I'll fix things up digitally when I get the time.

When I get the time...

Anyway, two more thing in the next post, the re-do of the Roadkill digital piece and a fashiony illustration for James Bond 22, which I really don't want to call Quantum of Solace. Then after that is a piece based on The Yellow Wallpaper, which looks pretty cool in sketch form and I'm pretty psyched to paint it, but that's a little ways off.



  1. Hey Sam it's rob from MICA. Remember I told you I was in the process of getting a blog, well I have one up right now. Hope ya don't mind me putting you down for one of my links. Anyways I saw your stuff on this blog and in the show on the 3rd floor of fox and the colors are getting much better. Keep them coming and ttyl.


  2. is that baby guache and digital? is nice!

  3. I think you drew the young (very young) buddha in that first one, and the fish and skulls must be what happens when you find enlightenment. For junk all over the place, I think it looks great. :) I dig those skulls & fish a lot.

    The second one is nice in parts, as you say, but overall I feel like there's nothing that really pops in it.....maybe it's because there's no skulls or fish exploding out of someone's eyes, but the colors feel a little less exciting and all around the same value (I mean, they're not bad, I'm just being tough because I've just seen you do better.) The main dude's cleft lip is also a little offputting, unless he was supposed to have a cleft lip, in which case it looks very appropriate.

  4. Yeah, he was supposed to have a cleft lip. The story I was give was like, ten words and it was noted.