Mar 7, 2008


Hey everybody! Great to see you. You're looking lovely and talented.

Anyway! I did some stuff this week and have a bunch of stuff yet to do this weekend. I can't imagine I'm going to be doing much sleeping, that's for sure. Plus, the new Smash Bros comes out this weekend, and that's more or less the end of my life. I meant to work all day today, but ended up going to the Vinylmore show at Atomic Pop instead. Oh well.

So, in Fashion Illustration, we were given a photo of a person in the class and found existing clothes that seemed to embody their style. I got the lovely and talented Megan Russell, who I decided would dance around an art gallery in pretty dresses! This doesn't really look like Megan (aside from the shiny red hair), but it's not supposed to! Don't worry.

I would've liked this to be better, but it was kind of a weird assignment and a weird night. Next time will be better, ok? Pencil and digital (with tortoises!)

I mentioned in the last post (I think) that we were doing animal/human hybrids in Fantasy Art, so here he is! He's a wooly rhinoceros, which are adorable. He's also a giant man, which are less adorable but still hilarious.

The print out of this is pretty gray, and there's a couple things I know I'm going to change, so it'll be reposted in a few weeks when I get some time. I'm going to do the cave drawings in charcoal and scan 'em on in, and I might add a little cluster of cavemen with spears behind one of the rocks. Who knows? Not me. This is pencil and digital.

This next one was for an operatic performance of "The Yellow Wallpaper," by Charlotte Perkins Gilman which is about a crazy woman and postpartum depression, but also about some weird yellow wallpaper and maybe ghosts? I don't know. It's complicated.

I wanted to do something different for this one, so I tried out Acrylic and some other stuff? There's some walnut ink and some watercolor and some gouache, but I'd say it's an acrylic painting. It's also the second one I've ever done! The first one was awful, and this one is not so awful. Hannah Ahn did a pretty cool acrylic demo in our Fashion class, and I think that helped. I think it's ok, but maybe it's not. Please don't break my heart.

I've been super lazy today and have the rest of my weekend booked, so only a short post today. A couple things next week, though, no jokes.



  1. Hey Sam! The work looks great as usual! I have to say my favorite piece here is the rhino-man? rhinocoman? I love the expression on his face and the careful coloring. The charcoal cave painting sounds like a great idea, and so does the possible crowd of people with spears in the background. Looking forward to seeing how you resolve this stuff! About how many pieces have you been making a week? 3ish?

  2. That acrylic looks pretty sweet for your 2nd time ever! :) Nice job! The lighting on the lady's dress and the bed/floor shadows are particularly lovely in my opinion. I also just noticed the exposed wall areas are very nice. The only things that bother me are the bedpost hands and the wallpaper itself....maybe it's because it's not how I internally pictured the wallpaper after reading the story. I don't know if you guys read the story, it sounds like you didn't so this is probably irrelevant info and you can ignore it, but in the book it talks about how the wallpaper is made out of all these bulbous growths and arabesques...I feel like the patterning could have been a little crazier-feeling. Maybe the lady could look a little more frazzled too. But the bedpost hands....I like the idea, though maybe it just needs to be pushed more. Like bigger hands or more of them or something. Those are all nitpicky suggestions. All in all, very nice sir. Those tortoises are so happy. I wish that was someone's real painting in a museum. There needs to be a hippo in there too. :)

  3. I really like that big guy's toes. And those popcorn flowers look delicious

  4. i vote for the cavemen with spears, though im not sure where you'd put them, or how tall they'd be. but that would be sweet. seeings as they've painted this scene all over the rocks.

  5. Thanks everybody!

    Ray- Yeah, he's totally my favorite. I think I'm probably gonna do the cavemen and charcoal after all. As for the amount of work I do, yeah, it's usually around three pieces a week.

    Kali- We didn't have to read the story, but I did. Everyone else did those sort of arabesque dealies and I wasn't really into it. I wanted to do something like veins, so as to make the wallpaper a little creepier. Maybe I'll have to try harder next time. I think I'm going to do a giant oil painting of happy tortoises.

    Darcey - Hi Darcey. I want to eat some flowers.

    Zach - No duh.