Mar 30, 2008

Hey guys. Sorry.

Oh, whoops. Remember when I said I wasn't going to neglect the blog? Remember how I said I was going to update once a week? Right. Me neither. I don't remember that at all.

I've been busy with some things over the last couple of weeks. You know, some stuff. Things. They come up sometimes. Anyway, here's some pictures!

These first three were a series I did for my Fashion class. It's not fashion related, get off my case. This was Sam Weber's first assignment for us, which was to basically do three pieces with a working hierarchy (Jack, Queen, King, style). Mine are about the colonization of the American midwest when it was full of giants. These were all done in Acrylic and colored pencil and are about eleven inches high by whatever inches wide. I still need to do some color correction on the bottom two, but I wanted to post them. Maybe they'll get posted later when they're all fixed.

Check it out! There was a narrative. Those people were so earnest, and now they're so dead. Oh well.

This next one was for Jose Villarubia's Illustration Concepts II class. We were each given a word with an interesting origin/meaning, which we had to illustrate. My word was "saturnine," which means gloomy or glum or whatever.

There's some people having a party. They're also planets! Saturn is being very saturnine, and Mercury is being very compassionate. This was acrylic and gouache and colored pencil and stuff. It's around 11x14.

Hey, remember when I said I was going to draw Iron Man for Project Rooftop? I did.

This dude's pencil and Photoshop. I wrote some notes in the email I sent to PR, so I think I'll post those and save some breath.

Hey, guys! This is my first attempt at a redesign for PR, but I am a student of Daniel Krall and he challenged me to superheroic fisticuffs. A couple of quick notes on what I'm calling the Model L Mark I Golden God Variant of Stark's classic suit:

With the advent of advanced cameras and HUDs, the suit has advanced far past the need for any physical eyeholes, yet the semblance of a face remains to add some level of humanity to the suit. The shoulder plates have been streamlined to connect into a neck-guard, preventing projectile injury to the most vulnerable part of our hero. The whole suit, actually, was streamlined for flight more than anything else. Any extraneous elements have been scoured off in an effort to minimize breakage during combat or crashes. The multiple repulsors on the suit serve dual purposes: first, they enhance aerial maneuverability to the point where the suit can generate a sort of anti-gravity field. This, in turn, prevents damage to Stark's surroundings, as he's not just firing hyper-focused beams of energy everywhere. Additionally, the repulsors can be individually activated or deactivated, allowing the airborne Start to rocket in near perpendicular directions while maintaining forward acceleration. The second purpose is as a defense against larger enemies (read: Hulk). I originally designed a variant of the Hulkbuster armor, but decided to scrap it and add some elements of that suit to the Golden God. The repulsors on the arms prevent Stark from being easily lifted and thus easily tossed by Hulk or other bulky adversaries.

Whew. Iron Man is super fun to draw.

Anyway, I only have one final due this week, so that'll be up in the next post. Maybe I'll put sketches up for my next two assignments? That could be interesting.


  1. Sometimes I hate you.

    I mean that in the best of ways.

  2. im happy to see that your skill with gouache has easily transferred to acrylic


  3. pretty sick iron man, i saw dan krall's site and he has a really cool rocketeer painting.. Did you do one cuz I'm more of a rocketeer fan than iron man only because stark is not an alcoholic in the movie.

    P.S. check this out for a laugh
    too bad its shitty quality, i had a better version but they took it off youtube. Damn those corporate copyright douchebags

  4. Sam, your work may be amazing to the point of intimidation, but I'm pretty sure I have the corner market on plush polyester-filled desserts.

  5. I think I'm in love with your queen piece. Great work man, it looks like you're getting really comfortable with the acrylics.I have to say some of the work may be lacking the punch you had when you worked in gouache but that may have something to do with the scan? Anyway, keep it up!

  6. General thanks to everybody, once again. I'm pretty psyched about those giants.

    Darcey, I can not even approach your snailbilities, nor your confectionary plushenings.

    Sorry Rob, I didn't do a Rocketeer piece. The Ironman was the first thing I've done for Project Rooftop, but probably not the last. I'm pretty sure they're going to get around to Stark's alcoholism. If not, riots.

    Yeah, Ray, I was using too much gesso in the actual paint while I was working, so things got a bit chalky. Also, the only piece I really color corrected was the Jack. I'll get around to doing the others eventually. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. holy cow sam your work has come so far since drawing as illustration with warren. great stuff