Jul 21, 2011

The Frogeater

Meera Reed and her little brother Jojen are probably my two favorite characters introduced in book 2. They are two of the Crannogmen (the best name) who live in the bogs of the North (so awesome) and fight with poisoned arrows and tridents (whoa, seriously). Their father, Howland Reed (also the best name) is one of Ned Stark's most trusted lords, and is perhaps the only person alive who knows the whole story of Jon Snow's parentage (whoa).

Meera and Jojen become old pals with Bran Stark, who's left as the eight-year-old Lord of Winterfell in the absence of his father and brother. They're also the key to unlocking Bran's power. I think Bran also has a crush on Meera, who is sixteen? Adorable.

That's all for this week!


  1. Fantastic as always Sam. I also love the Reed brothers too, theyre awesome characters.

    Keep on rockin,


  2. I really like this interpretation of Meera! She has a certain spunk that comes across here.

    All of these are excellent.

  3. Amazing! My favorite character from maybe all the books.

  4. Everything we encountered is now demolished by power trippers and nerd physicians...people are turning and they seem to be getting out of it if they whistle a different tune.

  5. Ooooooo......GE and ATTA the HUN?
    Watch a DOIN' with all that " electricity"?
    " S& M"??????

  6. I've been seeing lots of "A Song of Ice and Fire" drawings popping up lately, and yours are my favorite. This one of Meera is lovely, and your Gregor Clegane is terrifying. I hope you keep doing more! I'm reading these books now (I'm on a Feast For Crows), and I always picture your renditions.