Jul 19, 2011

The Bastard of Winterfell

I meant to keep these drawings to background characters, since I think the show does a pretty solid job casting the main characters, but I'm breaking my own rule here. Jon Snow is one of the two most important characters in A Song of Ice and Fire (the other being Daenerys Targaryen). There are a couple other titles Jon acquires in the series, and I'd rather have used those as his title here, but I think all of them are spoilers and I'm trying to keep this relatively spoiler-free.

I guess this image is sort of a spoiler? SPOILER ALERT: Jon sorta gets a scratched up face in book 3!

Jon, of course, is the bastard son of Eddard Stark and an unnamed woman. At least, that's what Eddard Stark tells everyone. The real truth of his parentage has yet to be revealed in the series, but the clues are there. Jon also seems like he may be part of a prophecy that's been slowly taking shape. Or maybe he's not.

I think I drew him a little haughtier than I meant. Maybe he's just watching out for the daggers in the dark.

One thing I haaaaaated about his design on the show is that they gave him an undyed wolfskin rather than being in all black. He's gotta be in all black. I get that they needed a way to easily distinguish him from the rest of the black-clad Night's Watch, but really. It's sort of a really big deal.

I wanted to do a livestream or something of one of these drawings, but the only webcam I have is in my iMac and I can't exactly plop this thing on my drafting table. Maybe I'll figure something out eventually.


  1. I really like the lightning on the face of this one, makes him look mysterious. :)

  2. Oooh, this one is excellent! So are all of them, actually...
    And yes, I agree about the dyed wolfskin!
    Please keep making these; they're so lovely


  3. Ha yeah, that bothers me too. They are supposed to be running around in all black and he has a bright ass wolf skin around his neck.

  4. Do the livestream!! just set up an intricate system of mirrors.

    Yes livestream please!