Jun 13, 2011

The Mountain that Rides

Gregor Clegane is the worst dude. In a series that focuses largely on moral ambiguity and paints just about every character in shades of gray, The Mountain is a monster.

I hope you guys like Song of Ice and Fire (and Game of Thrones, obvs). I have issues with the show, but those books are so good. In an effort to preserve my mental image of some of the characters, I've been doing some drawings.

I will do my best to keep these spoiler free!


  1. awesome man this looks really good

  2. oh my god this is the best news ever, cannot WAIT

  3. Gregor and Robert Baratheon are two characters I definitely pictured very differently from the TV series. Weirdly I always pictured Gregor as being like Nosforatu Zodd from Berserk!

  4. excellent work =) and yes, the wickedness of gregor is absolutely mind boggling. after a certain point I stopped viewing him as human and saw him more as a force of nature!