Jun 14, 2011

The Knight of Flowers

Pretty boy Loras.

I have so many favorite characters in this series, a lot of which are secondary characters. I liked Loras best in the first book when he was just some teenage prodigy knight.

George R R Martin does a really great job making memorable secondary and tertiary characters. For all that's done in this series to show the horrible things that happen in war (example: all of book 2 and 3), there are certain times when GRRM goes pretty heavy on courtly romanticism. The Hand's Tourney is a great example of where these two opposing themes literally clash, as Loras Tyrell, beautiful sixteen-year-old living legend faces off against The Mountain, who is an eight-foot-tall mass murderer.


  1. I think you did Loras justice fabulously. :) I love the way you handled his hair!

    I started reading the books after I saw the first episode of the show, and I am racing through them like nobody's business.. I look forward to seeing how you handle other characters!

  2. Game of Thrones eh? Well I like the illustrated versions better so keep em comin!

  3. WOW I would love to see the whole armor done by you! Dude your work has gotten even more fantastic in the last couple of years!