Jun 16, 2011

The Damphair

What is dead can never die.

The fourth book in this series was a little jarring, and a little tough to get into. So many new characters are introduced and so many old characters are absent, since about half of the active storylines are saved for book 5. The real shining point for me was the development of House Greyjoy and it's three insane brothers: Aeron (this guy), Victarion, and Euron (the most insane of all).

Gonna do some more of these if I can find the time.


  1. Look at this crazy Rasputin-esque mofo. I really dug the 4th book (probably a lot more than other people), probably on account of the Greyjoy and Arya chapters alone. Please keep doing more of these, I'm loving all of them!

  2. I loved the arya chapters. Good boots are hard to come by.
    You submitting these to the zine, dude? We're super excited.

  3. Haven't read the series, but these drawings you've been doing everyday have definitely been piquing my interest in it.

  4. I just started book 4 and this guy is getting a bit on my nerves with his "women are only good for childbirth" thing, argh. Great illustration! Arya would be amazing...