Apr 27, 2008


I am sorry, everyone. I ought to have posted earlier this week, but I've been stormed with work and haven't really finished anything lately. On top of that, I'm bed-ridden and horribly sick with mono or strep or the flu or some other such stupid nonsense.

As I've been sick, I haven't been working. I apologize. I have...I guess three pieces left to do in the semester? Expect them up in the next two weeks or so, as that's all we have left. How embarrassing.

On a lighter note, I got second place in Project Rooftop's Iron Man contest, behind the one and only Daniel Krall. That felt pretty good.

More apologies.

EDIT: I probably have anthrax poisoning. WebMD said so.


  1. awesome news about iron man guy.....mono is poo

    feel better

  2. Anthrax? What have you been doing, eating farm dirt?

  3. Actually, I got picked up on the feed from PR this morning, and was going to facebook msg you to say:

    YAY! Sam, really good job! Congrats! I'm so proud!

    But my internet really kinda sucks. So it wouldn't let me.

    But the above still goes. Good job. I loved reading the comments that the judges wrote, like, "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE HAVEN'T SEEN HIM BEFORE, HE'S AMAZING".

    Really good job, Sam. As always, keep it up. Can't let that sickness get you down. If it is mono (like andrew says), make sure you get on steroids. I waited like 3 weeks, thinking I could slug it out when I had mono, but it kept getting worse. As soon as I took some Prednisone I got better like instantly.

    Drugs... Highly recommended.

  4. do you need me to take you to the doctor at some point? Do you need anything from the market or any food? There could be matzah ball soup coming your way.