Apr 18, 2008

Here's a new thing

Hey everybody, there are going to be two posts this week! I've got this one thing that I'm itching to get onto the web, and I've got a complementary piece that'll be up in a day or two.

So let's just get to it!

This was for an assignment for Jose Villarrubia's Illustration Concepts class (the basic Junior-level IL course here) which was to use a mythological creature to embody a contemporary societal issue. I chose to tackle (zing!) the use of steroids in sports, which is something I get inexplicably furious about, despite having little to no interest in the sports where HGH is most commonly used. Regardless, the minotaur seemed like a nice solution.

This was a new process for me, which was to do a black and white acrylic painting and then kick it up with some digital color. It really saved a lot of time, but I can see how this would need a lot more work if it was a different piece. It works really well for limited color, but I guess it would take a longer time if I wanted to do a lot of rendering or whatever.

This is quite a departure from my usual work, which is a lot more simplified. The reason for that is, well, because sometimes I have to remind myself that I can draw at least semi-realistically. So there we are.

I feel good about this piece. It seems to have struck a nice balance between my childish desire to draw monsters all day long and my desire to have some sort of greater meaning to my work, even though it's a simple concept.

I don't really have any links to throw at you this week, but just keep clicking away at that (newly updated) sidebar to see some pretty great stuff.


  1. oh hey, this turned out pretty cool.
    I think I actually liked the black and white version more, but I guess that looked an awful lot like something sort of Sam Weber-y, so I don't know.

    also, I bought some masking fluid today, I have no idea when I will get to use it.

    also, also, I watched Brick. It was real good. Can I return it and rent another one from the Bosma Video Library?

  2. this piece is really nice man!! are you attending the illustration academy this summer?

  3. I just re-did my sidebar and you are on it (I swear, somewhere in there). I would add you to my technorati favorites but you haven't put this blog on there, if you do let me know and I'll help you get some authoritay.

  4. call'd out. AND you promised two this week.

    what a chump. you'll never make your own taco.