Oct 31, 2011

Sleep like Dead Men, Wake Up like Dead Men.

I was extremely happy to be asked to contribute to this year's edition of the Cloudy Collection. If you're unfamiliar, the Cloudy Collection is a set of themed letterpress prints curated by cartoonist and entrepreneur David Huyck. Artists are given a theme, size, and set of pantone colors and then left to their own devices. The prints are then sold as a set on the Cloudy Collection's website. This year's theme is Hanging with the Dead.

I'm excited to be included among this years amazing crop of talent, which includes David Huyck, Natasha Allegri, Emily Carroll, Michael DeForge, Michael Slack, and Steve Wolfhard. The work that these folks churned out is really unbelievable.


  1. Love it. I missed out on the piece on ebay for the Mighty Writers auction. Totally bummed out today!

  2. The different expressions on the dead warriors' faces are fantastic!

  3. awesome, what medium are you using?